48 Hours in Helsinki

48 Hours in Helsinki

Helsinki is one of those places thats either high on your bucket list, or not on it at all. Luckily for me work and pleasure coincided on this dream trip!

Each year we run a promotion at Abandon Ship called shipology. Basically you spend between £1 and £1000 and we send you a ton of rad stuff to that value. I promised that if someone spent £1000 I’d go anywhere in the world and draw on their walls no questions asked. 


And someone in Helsinki went and did it. 

We went out in January so knew it was going to be cold but was totally blown away by the winter wonderland we encountered. Within a couple of hours of arriving we had walked through knee deep snow and walked across a frozen river. Walking across the river was pretty nerve wracking but after we watched a man take his dog across and people do their work commute we decided it was safe enough to try.


Helsinki is relatively compact so we were able to see a fair bit even though we were only there for such a short period of time. Even though I was primarily there to create some wall art - watch the video below - we still managed to hit up some amazing bars and restaurants.

If you are going to Helsinki, even for a short period of time I would also recommend hitting up one of the islands via a ferry. To say it was otherworldly would be an understatement. The snow was coming down hard, we could only sail through a small channel of broken ice and by the time we got back from the island the city was bathed in darkness and twinkling lights. It was like nothing i’d ever experienced.

Where to Eat

Friends and Burgers - Really good burger place.

Fafas - chain of street food pitas restaurants.

Bun2Bun - vegan burger chain in the city centre.

Where to Drink

Navy Jerry’s - a sailor Jerry and naval themed cocktail bar. Great staff, amazing decor and a really sweet vibe. Needless to say we spent a lot of time in there.

Beaver Bar - dark dive bar with a good vibe.

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