Not Everything Sucks - An Introduction

Not Everything Sucks - An Introduction

Not Everything Sucks is not just a phrase to me, nor is it just a logo on a t-shirt. The voice, the tone and the message are an extension of my experience and I wake up every day excited to share my journey with people who get it. This has never been a cynical marketing strategy or a throw away slogan, it is deeply personal.

Before I first put Not Everything Sucks on a t-shirt, I had it tattooed on my body as a constant reminder. Since then it has became my means to reach out and connect people like me.

I had spent the longest time in my life looking for a mantra that worked for me. I had previously relied on “PMA” (Positive Mental Attitude) but like so many “positive slogans” I felt it was too preachy and intense for my cynical sensibilities. I didn’t want to shut off the bad shit completely-to do that would be unhealthy-I just needed a reminder that there is good shit out there too. As soon as I saw the Not Everything Sucks logo I realised it embodied the positive mantra I had been looking for. To me it was just such a simple and pure message of positivity, and I wanted it as a constant reminder that however dark or difficult life can get, there will always be a silver lining that will get me through the worst of it.

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The Inspiration for the Not Everything Sucks logo came from a design by the tattoo artist Mr. Heggie. I had been a fan of his fora while, and during a period of self-doubt I came across a design he had created featuring a character wearing a t-shirt with a little design on it. The design read “Everything Sucks” inside a love heart. I instantly fell in love and contacted him about working together. I explained the positive message I wanted to create and that an update of this little throw-away concept was perfect in my mind.

His style lent itself to the notion of the message: simple and clean, but a little rough around the edges. He agreed to create the logo, but only if he could create his own “Everything Sucks” t-shirts too-an idea I loved-and the rest is history! I was lucky enough to meet and be tattooed by Mr. Heggie a year later, and I was surprised and honoured when he asked me to tattoo the Not Everything Sucks logo on him as well! It was the first tattoo I had ever done,I was incredibly nervous, and I can honestly say that everything might not suck, but that tattoo definitely did!

Since inception Not Everything Sucks has created a movement, been tattooed onto countless people, turned into a book, and now it’s time for it to take on a new role. A space to share things that don’t totally suck.

This site will include everything from fashion, music, travel, art, collaborations and mental health.

I can’t wait to take you along for the ride.

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